It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Christmas Ask ❆
  • SNOWMAN: What do you do when it snows? Stay in or play?
  • THE GRINCH: What are your favourite Christmas films?
  • TURKEY: In your opinion the best part of Christmas dinner?
  • MISTLETOE: Name 3 celebs you wouldn't mind kissing on Christmas Day.
  • SANTA: What age did you stop believing in Santa? Or do you still?
  • BAUBLE: Do you have a Christmas tree every year?
  • GIFT: Best present you have ever received and the best you have given.
  • SCARF: Describe your favourite winter outfit.
  • HOME ALONE: How many of the Home Alone films have you seen?
  • TINSEL: Do you have any traditions at Christmas time?
  • GINGERBREAD: Name your favourite tasty treats.
  • PRESENT: Worst present you have ever received and the worst you have given.
  • REINDEER: Is Rudolph your favourite reindeer or one of the others?
  • CAROL: Name your top 3 Christmas carols/songs.
  • RIBBONS: How good are you at wrapping gifts?
  • LETTER: Do you write any Christmas cards? How many on average?
  • COSY: Have any Christmas Eve plans?
  • HEART: Who has your heart this Christmas? Will they as well next Christmas?
  • VACATION: Have you ever been away from home for Christmas or will you in the future?
  • LIGHTS: What about New York, would you travel there for Christmas?